About the SF Youth Soccer Community Portal

Overview of Concept
The SF Youth Soccer Community Portal Impact Site is an engagement platform to connect, inform, educate and activate members.

Why It’s Important for our SFYS Community

  • A dynamic grassroots online portal specific to SFYS
  • A place where community members can come together virtually, share stories, tips, and more.
  • Creates more access, breaks down barriers, connects people in a new and safe way
  • More clarity for members, makes registration, etc. easier for everyone 
  • Content posted on the community portal site can instantly post to social media.
  • Enables collaboration directly between members, for the good of the game and for specific divisions or programs



Content & Actions

SFYS can share updates, resources, and engagement opportunities directly on the site. Every article page is made actionable to facilitate community engagement. But more importantly, SFYS Member Clubs and Community Partners have posting privileges in the Local Soccer Hub, which means they can communicate directly with players, coaches, referees and the general public. See 

  • Note: If your club or org needs access, email info@sfyouthsoccer.com and we'll set you up!

User Registration

Registration on the portal is simple and easy (and helps ensure that there aren't bot nonsense comments). Just click the Join Us link in the top navigation! Why register?

  • Most information is public, but there are some posts specifically for portal members. 
  • Like, Comment, Post, Follow and Engage with other members
  • Option to opt in for Content Digest Emails
    • Sent 1x per day, recapping any content published during the previous day. (no emails if no new content)

Community Hubs
Online hubs for connecting particular groups within the SFYS community. Examples include: