2023 Annual General Meeting

This year's Annual General Meeting will be held both virtually and in person on Thursday, February 16th at 7pm at the County Fair Building
The meeting will include org status, updates and announcements, as well as a vote for the next fiscal year's volunteer board members. 

  • If you have a suggestion or recommendation for New Business to discuss at the Annual General Meeting, please email info@sfyouthsoccer.com before 1/26/23

Our Bylaws require a parent representative from each team. Each team's designated team parent will receive an email from SFYS with the ZOOM link/passcode to the meeting before 2/16/2023.  The meeting will last about an hour, with a recap of the year past and the scoop on the coming year, as well as an introduction to and vote for the SFYS Volunteer Board positions.

For those independent/small club voting-eligible teams, the designated team parent will also receive an email directly from Election Runner with the links to the Volunteer Board ballot. (If a Team Rep can't make it, they are able to authorize a proxy to attend on their behalf, so no worries there.)



  • Must be checked in by 7pm to establish quorum. See "Vote Number 1: Confirm Attendance & Establish Quorum"  below for details - you can check in any time between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Please be online by 6:55pm.

  • Can't attend? PROXY YOUR VOTE - either to another parent who can attend or to SFYS Staff, who can vote on your behalf. Proxies MUST vote as designated on the Proxy Form, so your vote will count as intended.
    • Note: If you appoint one of the San Francisco Youth Soccer staff members (ED/Scotty Kober, Program Director/Lee Dunne, Registrar/Barb Yee, Program Manager/David Reardon) to be your proxy, return your completed and signed proxy. Signed proxy forms that assign SFYS staff must be returned by 1pm February 15, 2023. Signed proxy forms that assign anyone else (including their email address) must be returned by 1pm February 11, 2023. Scan/take a photo of the signed form and email it to info@sfyouthsoccer.com.



  • To Watch the meeting you will simply log in to the meeting livestream via Zoom by 7:00pm.

  • To Vote online, you (or your confirmed proxy) will have to login to ElectionRunner for two different votes. For each vote you will receive an email with a link for your unique, personalized ID log-in instructions from Election Runner. You will be able to log in from any internet-connected device.

    • Vote Number 1: Confirm Attendance & Establish Quorum - *Critical* -  This vote is necessary to confirm your attendance. Why? We can’t hold the vote unless we establish a quorum (minimum required per SFYS Bylaws to be in attendance in order for voting to be allowed) between the people physically in attendance AND the people who are online. 
      • You will receive an email from ElectionRunner at 6pm with a link to the quorum vote with your unique Login Information (Voter ID and Voter Key). All you need to do is click on the blue "Click Here to Vote" button and you'll be directed to the ballot. The system requires us to have two options. You must check the 1st option (it's in all caps) to check in.
    • Vote Number 2 : Vote for 2022 SF Youth Soccer Board of Directors - This vote will determine the 2023 Board of Directors who will serve a term of approximately one year beginning on March 1, 2023.
      • You will receive an email from ElectionRunner at 7pm with a link to the Board of Directors vote with your unique Login Information (Voter ID and Voter Key). All you need to do is click on the blue button "Click Here to Vote" and you'll be directed to the ballot.  
      • Voting opens at 7:15pm on 2/16. The portal will stay open for the duration of the in-person meeting. To learn more about each candidate, click on the "i" to the left of their name and photo and a pop-up window will appear.  
      • If there is a write-in candidate at the meeting, you may add in their name(s) below the 5 candidates on the ballot. Each write-in candidate you vote for reduces the number of candidates on the slate you vote for by one.
      • You can vote for a maximum of 5 candidates, but are not required to make 5 votes.



  • ​ Board of Directors​



Time Expectations : We expect the meeting to last for about 40 minutes after we establish a quorum. 

  • 7:00 - 7:05pm - Executive Director Scotty Kober will determine if a Quorum is in attendance such that votes may be cast.
    NOTE: a Quorum is required for voting of San Francisco Youth Soccer Board Members
  • 7:05 - 7:15pm - Presentation of San Francisco Youth Soccer Board Nomination Slate
  • 7:15 - 7:15pm - Floor Nominations for  San Francisco Youth Soccer Board
  • 7:15 - Voting Opens
  • 7:15 - 8:00pm - SFYS Presentation (Program Overview, Finances, 2021-22 Recap, Upcoming Events, Announcements)
  • 8pm - Meeting Adjourned



  • SFYS Nomination Slate : Click for Bios (link pending) 
    • Kelly Allison (current President)
    • ​Tim Danison (current Secretary)
    • Hazen Sewell (current volunteer)
    • Eloisa Tejero (2x previous Board member and CFO, new to 2023 Board slate)
    • Stephen Favrot (new to 2023 Board slate)
  • Floor Nominations   
    Nominate yourself or someone else for the Board of Directors
    • Nominee must attend 2023 AGM.



  • Make sure your team has declared their unique Team Parent Voting Representative (must be a parent on the team, may only represent one team), because this is the person (or their designated proxie) who will receive the electronic voting instructions and link.
    • How come only a subset of participating teams are listed? 
      Part of being a member of the SF Youth Soccer community is participation in our annual election of volunteer Board Members - or to run for election yourself! Every team and club that participates with us is considered a Member of SF Youth Soccer and welcome to attend the AGM. Those Member Teams which are independent or part of clubs/orgs with fewer than ten teams have a vote to cast. 

    • Need to update your Parent Rep? Submit your Parent Rep via online form or email Angela : angela@sfyouthsoccer.com with first and last name, address, email and phone number of the unique Team Parent (remember, a parent may be the representative for only one team, but may be proxied to vote for many)

  • Must we vote online?
    Some years there is new business to discuss or changes to the Bylaws which require in-person attendance and a healthy discussion ... but this is not one of those years. That means we can conduct an online meeting and vote, rather than require folks to come in person to cast a ballot.