Programming - GoalKeeper Academy

Goalkeeping is the position that might need the most attention, yet rarely does!

SFYS Goalkeeper coach, Krysta Jenkins will provide training at three levels:

Beginners - For those interested in playing goalkeeper.

The clinic will cover: Fundamentals, some basics for the required movement and positioning of the keeper, and having fun with the highest pressure position! 

Intro Keepers - For keepers who have played a season or two and want to work on more essentials.

This clinic will expand on the basics with game-like repetitions of shots and dives, with a deeper understanding on making yourself 'big' and how to move efficiently.

Advanced Keepers - For those keepers serious about the position with experience.

Here, keepers will work on more game-like situations with working V runs. There will also be aerial ball coverage, learning how to parry effectively, and develop a deeper understanding of angles and challenges.

If you are unsure of the level of your keeper, or would like to ask some questions, please contact Coach Krysta -