Jamboree @ The SFYS FOGGolazo!!

"a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one."

Welcome to the Jamboree @ The SFYS FOGGolazo!

SFYS first implemented a Jamboree to welcome teams to the league and become familiar with the 7v7 game, as well as the rules and regulations attached to such organized soccer.


Several years on, the party has grown to a lavish and boisterous one! 


The Jamboree consists of two games within a 3 hour window.
Full rules, referees, subbing windows, and goals!
A playdate that celebrates soccer, and introduces young players to the fun of the game before the season.


The 2023 Jamboree will be at Ft Scott on Sunday, August 20th.

It's not just games. There are the Futboleros, as well as coaching masterclasses, and player skill challenges.


Sounds great. How can we play?
Teams are invited to declare an attendance interest when they complete the 'intent to play' to open registration. 
(are you interested and missed this submission? Email Lee)