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SF Youth Soccer is a little different than in most towns, in that: 

  • SFYS does not place players or coaches on teams. Primary responsibility for finding (or creating) a team rests with the coach/player and their family. Teams are formed independently, through schools or neighborhoods, by soccer clubs, and community groups.

  • The cost to play per player per season (incl. practice & games) is between $100-$150. Financial Aid is available.
    (Note: Cost does not include uniforms, non-SFYS tournament play or coaching fees.)


  1. Join with a team from your school, neighborhood, or club.
  2. Click here if you need help finding a team.
  3. Once you find a team, they'll send you an invitation to join their roster in SQWAD. You'll need to create an account and a profile for your player; accept the invitation, sign SFYS waivers, and pay any player fees to confirm your registration; and click on the "pending validations" from the home screen to upload a birth document and player photo.


*** Are you a player looking for a team? 

There is a robust ecosystem of independent, volunteer-run teams as well as paid clubs and coaches - which results in a soccer environment full of options for every level of player and every budget, as well as for those who want to engage as team staff vs. just spectate.

We have an amazing soccer community here in SF, with teams of all types and levels.

  • DON'T stress! Many teams need and welcome additional and new players. It's an opportunity to find just the right fit for your player and make new friends!

  • DO keep in mind registration timelines. Teams register with SFYS around mid-May for the Fall season; and around late November for the Spring season. They have to confirm their commitment early so SFYS can build schedules, and so SF Rec & Park can give us permits for the right number of practice and game field spaces. Don't worry if you missed that window, though–teams just have to confirm they have at least the minimum number of players commited at that time, but there is no deadline to continue adding players up to their roster maximum.


In addition to Fall and Spring seasonal play, SFYS also offers (all images are clickable for specific information):

Player Development & Community Programming






Youth Leadership Programming