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SFYS Spring 2023 Scheduling Information

More Spring 23 Scheduling Information will be posted in early 2023 after we receive our field allocations.

The Spring season is expected to run March 11 - May 21, 2023

  • Scheduling Goal: 8 Games. Depends on size of flights and team byes.
  • Games may be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Games WILL be scheduled April 16th -17th (Easter Weekend) unless teams opt out.​
  • Schedules cannot be customized to accommodate other sports.

SFYS Spring 2023 Registration Information

The Spring 2023 Intent to Play form is live!

Click here to complete (only one submission is required per team)

The form will close after the Spring Registration Deadline, 12/7


Registration in SQWAD will open to all teams by 11/28

SQWAD is finalizing a few updates for us; make sure you have the most recent version of the app before you start!


Click here for full Spring 23 Registration Instructions

SFYS Spring 2023 Team Registration Overview

If you are a Mission Youth Soccer League team, please contact your home league for registration instructions.

Every team must submit an Intent to Play and register in SQWAD. Only one submission per team is required.

  1. Submit the Intent to Play: Form will open for all divisions Friday, November 18th at noon
  2. Pay the Spring 2023 team fee: Teams will submit this as a one time payment at the time they submit the Intent; or by PayPal, check, or cash
  3. Create an account and register your team for the Spring 2023 season in SQWAD: Registration in SQWAD will open by Monday, November 28th at noon
  4. Players and administrators (coaches and team managers) create an account in SQWAD
  5. Invite your players and administrators to the roster
  6. Players and administrators accept the invitations and complete any outstanding SFYS registration requirements
  7. Enjoy your winter break! Team Primary Contacts, keep an eye out for emails from SFYS about flights and scheduling, and SF Rec & Park about practice field selection.


SFYS Spring 2023 Team Fees

Spring 2023 SFYS fees are team-based, based on division:

  • ​SFYS Recreational Teams (2nd Grade - 8th Grade): $800 per team
  • SFYS Competitive Upper House Teams (Birth Years 2007-2014 - 8-16 year olds): $900 per team
  • Competitive SFYS Varsity Teams (High School players, 9th-12th Grade): $850 per team


While Spring fees are team-based, financial aid awards are still given to individual players. Financial aid information and application can be found here. The aid amount will be applied as a refund to the total team fee paid by a team administrator, who will in turn deduct that amount from the player's family contribution.


New players who did not participate in the Fall 2022 SFYS season will pay a $30 fee at the time of registration in SQWAD to cover admin and insurance fees.


Important Deadlines

  • December 7th: deadline to submit the Intent, pay the team fee, create a team in SQWAD, and register the minimum number of players required for the division in SQWAD in order to qualify for field allocations from SF Rec & Park
    • NOTE: as long as a team has the minimum number of players registered by the deadline, they can continue to add players and adjust their rosters in advance of the season
  • January 15th: deadline to declare a Team Parent Representative and Team STAR; last day teams are eligible to receive a refund of their team fee
  • March 1st: deadline for all players and coaches to register in SQWAD and submit documentation for any outstanding requirements to guarantee eligibility for the first weekend of games
    • NOTE: teams can continue adding players after this date; this deadline is only to guarantee that your registration will be processed in time for the first weekend of games


Important Links

Spring 2023 Intent to Play

Spring 2023 Season Overview (schedules and updates)

SFYS 2022-23 Refund Policy

SFYS Financial Assistance

2022-23 Roster Minimums & Maximums

Spring 23 Coach Field Training Registration

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SQWAD Desktop Login

Offline Player Registration

SQWAD Help Videos

SFYS Fall 22 Registration FAQs

Ask a Question for Spring 23 Registration


Fall 2022 In-Season Information


Here is your Fall 2022 Season Calendar!

Fall 22 Calendar


Fall Season:

The full season schedule is here. 

  • August 28 , 2022 - Schedules are final. You can see them through your SQWAD app
  • September 1, 2022. 7.30pm PreSeason Coaches Meeting. Virtual. FAQ and Recording. 

  • Do you need to make a schedule change? There is a protocol. Coordinate with your opponent, then click through the link to submit and pay for your request.

Important dates: