22 Seconds of 7v7 Soccer

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    These comments are made with the best intentions, having been a parent and referee I have seen these scenarios for years and have a few thoughts. Take from it what you will:

    1) referee should be advising player throw-in

    2) coach should have had at least one round of specific throw-in training to explain the basics already--kids shouldn't have to learn these basics in a match environment (ideally--less pressure is better, so in a training environment).

    3) Parents/coaches haven't been trained to properly cheer for their players. Shouting instruction only confuses and potentially angers the kids. Beware triggering words on car ride home!

    4) Why are there 3 colors of kits on the field? I see one or two random black jerseys? That is a referee training issue.

    5) Please train your players to run to the ball and take a touch First! This tells me kids aren't "friends" with the ball and need more around-the-house ball play with one of those heavy blue futsal training balls. Parent's, this is your job to supplement scheduled training with ad-hoc random ball training.

    6) Soccer is a ball passing sport, not a kicking sport. Don't cheer balls kicked long distances, which is not evident here but typical for this level of play.