Spring 2024 Schedules Are Live!

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  • LeeDunne

    Why would I bother submitting my bye if you're not going to read it?


    I did read it, and in the shuffle of the many moving parts, it got looked over. Which is why we:

    1 - DO NOT PROMISE your bye request will be granted. You acknowledge that when you submit the form.

    2 - OPEN THIS WINDOW OF REVIEW so we can help you.

    Please be nice.

  • LeeDunne

    Why did you ignore my request? Did you give us the wrong byes?


    I promse, I did not act against your wishes. Please submit the form so I can get to work with you and your opponent to finalize your schedule for you. It's much faster that way. 

  • LeeDunne

    Hey Lee, we have 3/4/5 weeks between games. Why?


    We do everything we can to grant your bye request. 

    You request April 6/7 off. Your next opponent on April 13/14 requested that weekend off.

    May 4/5 is tryout weekend and there are no UH games.

    Theres 3 weekends gone.

    April 20 and March 30 were commonly requested also.


    It is more than likely you request then affected others too.


    Want to reconsider multiple weeks off? That's the only way we can get you a more consistent schedule.