Season Questions

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  • LeeDunne

    A very common question right now -

    We were rained out, do we get a make up?

  • LeeDunne

    Question - if we were certified coaches this year and want to continue coaching next year, is the training the same? If not, what is the time requirement to complete a renewal training? Is the in-person training required again and the fingerprinting? Cost for renewal?

    Trying to figure out the time commitment for getting certified again and the cost as we try to cobble together another team.


  • CoachJaime

    Hey Lee and fellow coaches!


    I was wondering how everone handled needing an active, licensed coach to support them on game day when they have a conflict. I try my best to make sure my calendar is cleared in advance of all game scheduling but things come up.


    Is there a good game day coach resource we can reach out to that would allow other coaches to know there was a coach in need of support?


    Thanks for your help!


  • LeeDunne

    What size goal does Upper House under 9 girls league use?


    We use 12x6 Bownets, and the city provides similar goal sizes on turf fields note. There can be some variance on goals based on the location (due to field use and goals serving more thn 7v7 sometimes), but 12x6 is the recommended size by US Soccer.